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Friends of Alexander Deihl Foundation--Mission Statement  The Friends of Alexander Deihl Foundation is an organization that is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization (501C).  The foundation is also on the United Way Donor Recipient List - Donor#10128   The fund has been established primarily to aid and assist children throughout the country who are chronically or terminally ill.  The organization was named to honor Alexander Deihl, who is now twenty years old.  Alex suffers from a rare, neurodegenerative disease, called Menkes, for which there is no known cure.  Children affected with this disease rarely reach their fourth birthday.  Our goal is to assist Alex and his friends who have various disabling diseases and who have limited or no insurance funding.  Special chairs, wheelchairs, car seats, exercise equipment, computers, ramps, lifts and toys that are improvised for challenged children are a sampling of what is purchased for the children.  All of which very necessary but extraordinarily expensive.